Russian come the hottest five days of the summer, said RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand. Hot time, according to him, characteristic for the European and Asian parts of the country.

The statement that the last five days of July in Russia are considered the hottest, lets make climate statistics for many years, said the expert. However, the indicators of thermometers on a given day may differ from the average temperature, both upwards and downwards.

Vilfand said that in the last week of July is “the most intense solar energy time” because the heat in addition to the underlying surface of the atmosphere heated by the sun, begin to give more, and warmed the lower layers of the soil. According to him, a similar statement is true for the continental countries in the European and Asian direction.

As for coastal cities, said the forecaster, it is the hottest time of summer comes in August: to the heated surface of the sea began to give off heat, it will take more time.

“the Sea is very "greedy" in respect of energy, it gives very little energy”, – concluded the scientific Director of the weather center.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, Roman Vilfand said about the “weather war” between the North and the South in the country. So the expert commented on the situation, when in the southern regions of the country the temperature is below normal, while in the North of the above established values.