Sochi residents complaining about the number of guests, cut under a branch. This opinion was expressed by the users of social network “Vkontakte”.

Yesterday, the public “Typical of Sochi” has published a video, which depicted one of the beaches in Sochi and many of the people who rest there. In the caption to it says that the beach is located in Imeretinka, it and all other beaches, by the pools and in bars now not crowded — so many tourists came.

“there are No tourists — it is bad, blame the government, there are tourists — too bad… Whiners, you decide,” wrote in the comments, one user of the social network.

Another expressed the view that such complaints are pointless, and complaining residents cut under a branch, because the resort town earn mainly by holidaymakers. Another expressed confidence that many tourists in Sochi will not every year, but this year so many of them, because the city created the best infrastructure in Russia for vacation.


“Residents tourists called badiani and frankly despise, but I still like this place,” wrote another.