Popular hip-hop artist Justin Bieber surprised fans with a photo with obscenities in Russian. Netizens were surprised by such "species".

The official Instagram account of Justin Bieber published a photo that caused a stir among Network users. On the frame, the musician sits with his back to the camera lens on the roof of the building, which is decorated with various graffiti. However, besides the beauty of the mountains, the audience rushed the obscene word written in large font in Russian and is located on the building.


Fans of the famous artist was surprised. In the comments of the post responded many Russian-speaking users of the Network that ridiculed the frame. So, many of them wrote that immediately noticed the "native" word "best" describes the situation of the world situation.

Members stressed that the label attached snapshot "Russian soul" that "it is difficult not to notice". In addition, followers are sure Justin Bieber is not lucky that he did not know the Russian language, otherwise he would have been aware of the fact that came to the fore of the frame.

-"Yelling", "Ornellaia", "Russian-speaking guys, I knew you’d react", "the smell of Russian spirit", "There were Russian", "as well as ***** word and not notice", "***** hahahha. Minus do not know the Russian", "I think one of our "MOT" better describes the situation, the main thing to guess with the intonation" (the original style preserved – approx. ed.) – spoken by the users of the Network.

It should be noted, the photo caused such a stir among followers that for a few hours gained more than six hundred thousand likes and ten thousand comments, many of which were written by our compatriots.