Vice-mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova, the TV channel “Russia 24” stated that the capital can relax the constraints in two weeks, if the epidemiological situation will improve, and the number of cases of the coronavirus will not grow.

According to her, the mode walking in Moscow “at first glance, it may seem difficult and strange.”

“I understand that hanging out a schedule of walks each individual home may seem mudrenym… what happens if istolkovaniya the festival Muscovites will be released all at the same time. Of course we are very apprehensive of this situation,” she said.

Rakova said that in no case can not prevent the deterioration of the epidemiological situation.

“So, all we ask is a little patience to see how this mode will operate for two weeks. And if we don’t see just the new cases, if the situation is to improve, to be followed by the weakening of the regime”, — declared Vice-the mayor.

She noted that in “this case it is better to proceed slowly, gradually but surely towards the open city, rather than fall back”, as in some other countries.

1 June in Moscow will be allowed to explore certain rules. The city authorities reported, for each house on the Internet portal “Yandex” and mobile apps will be published schedule of “walking days”.