the Former owners left in a hurry, and even did not take anything.

the Briton, who wished to remain anonymous, found in the North of London in a strange and rather mystical home. The dwelling was abandoned, but because the man decided to look into it. And what he saw inside, he was impressed.

It’s so eerie ?

it Turned out, the previous tenants did not care to take any of my things. The decor inside was talking about the fact that people left in a hurry — the bathroom remained toothbrushes and towels, hangers — brand items and dry-cleaning, sealed in plastic bags, dirty dishes in the sink, dishes on the table, the unfinished game of Billiards and unopened mail Dating back to the year 2016, writes the newspaper Metro.

overall, despite years of dust, the situation in the house was quite “live”, as if the owners are going to be home soon. Only the ceiling in the kitchen could not stand the test of time and collapsed.

However, while the journalists managed to find out only that the building itself belongs to the company, which is based in British Dorset.

Catherine Gura

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