Recall, Nordic-Baltic Physics Olympiad is held every year for students from the Baltic region. This year in the intellectual competition was attended by 109 students from 12 countries: Russia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden and others.

For our guys in the Olympics – the opportunity to prepare for the 51st International physics Olympiad.

In Russian team this year consisted of six members. They scored more than 73 points in the regional stage of all-Russian Olympiad.

• Matthew Prince, the pupil of school № 3, Berezniki;

• Daniel Samodelkin, student of the Physico-mathematical school № 2007, Moscow.

• Denis Scars from Physical and mathematical Lyceum, the Republic of Komi;

• Yan Shneidman of Lyceum № 131, Kazan;

• Olga Chernousova from school No. 146, Perm.

• Daniel Rinkevich from school No. 1589, Moscow.

the national team For the Olympics was prepared by the Deputy head of the teaching laboratory for the work with gifted children MIPT Vitaly Shevchenko and leading engineer of laboratory for work with gifted children MIPT Fedor Zibrov.