the Russian sailors and staff of cruise ships operating under the Treaty on the huge ships, after a long ordeal was at Home. But to embrace the family they can’t because again was in quarantine after that 70-day observation in the United States. Now they are in Pskov, and their relatives to get only two weeks. Many of them are strongly indignant about and even declare a hunger strike.

on March 14, about 90 Russians-employees of Carnival were in isolation on the ship Carnival Breeze. One of them came aboard, they went ashore. Before heading home across the Atlantic, they moved on Carnival Magic.

For employees of the cruise company following specialists were regularly checked for symptoms of patients with coronavirus were not. Through the Croatian Dubrovnik and Minsk Russians managed to deliver to his border, and then began confusion and vacillation.

Someone sent for a residence permit in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but many decided to go to the Observatory “Star” Pskov region – to serve a two-week quarantine. The fact that people have been in quarantine since mid-March and they have documents stating that they are healthy, the CPS was not touched.

“MK” talked with Anna, who in March worked on the ship Carnival breeze, there survived the quarantine and reached St. Petersburg.

– the conditions In which you initially passed the quarantine?

– on March 14, I was on the ship Carnival Breeze, I to the quarantine worked. On April 21 we were transferred to Carnival Magic as they began to gather on the same ship all the Russians to arrange transportation home. There we lived in separate cabins on one person. Each had a separate bathroom with a shower and toilet. Such were the demands of the CDC is in the States the equivalent of our Ministry of health or the CPS or something. And we lived in cabins at the usual time sell to guests. That is, the comfort level is certainly high.

– followed your health, some papers given up?

Twice a day the temperature was measured. Anyone with symptoms of cold, isolated cabins in the designated section which is not linked ventilation with the rest of the ship. And brought them food. On the ship complied with social distance. For example, in the Elevator no more than 2-4 people at the table in the dining room of 2 persons and so on. We also had a period when limits have increased: we could leave the cabin only for meals and walks in the fresh air. We were given a letter from the company, which indicates that we have passed quarantine on the ship.

– How did you get home? There were difficulties at the border?

– From the States we across the Atlantic ocean on the ship Carnival Magic came to Croatia, Dubrovnik. Out a Charter to Minsk. The plane was just us, like in the airport, actually. Only employees of Carnival with our barkfuck. That is, we everywhere had its own isolated group.

From the Minsk airport, we company booked a bus to the border with the Pskov region. The only difficulty arose on the Russian border: all who lived not in Moscow or St. Petersburg, was sent to the Observatory “Star”.

– How many of you were in the group and how many people were able to go to Moscow or Petersburg? Those who were sent to the Observatory, promised any conditions?

– All we had about ninety people, the houses have left about 25. About the conditions did not say anything, but yeah, take into account documents about the residence – it was enough to show a rental agreement in Moscow go to St. Petersburg. And in the Observatory, almost all were sent without consent. Due to the fact that many of the guys protested, they called the security forces. Put on a bus and sent to the Observatory. And we were dropped off near the metro station “Moskovskaya”. Then I had the taxi got to the house.

You have been given the prescription of the CPS on the mandatory isolation?

– the Instruction with my signature was taken at the border. I have a copy on hand is not given.

it Turns out, everything was decided on the border? And who was there – Pskov Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of health officials?

– To send our Carnival gave the lists to the CPS with our address on registration. At the border it turned out that the rental agreement is also the base (to go to Moscow or Petersburg – “MK”). There was only one employee of the CPS and border guards. But the Ministry of health, frankly, would have been there by the way, because we only measured the temperature. And on the skin of the hands in the center of the pulse and not on the forehead. Tests for coronavirus on the border did not. Yes, there are even to wash my hands with nowhere. And toilet ordinary wood, without paper. What kind of sanitation can be discussed?

it Turns out that no one got sick and some were allowed to go home and the other in visual observation?

Yes, that’s right. I hope the CPS will allow all returning sailors through the insulation at home. 67 what our guys will be the first and the last, who was in the Observatory. We are healthy and want to go home.

the result is a strange picture: on the one hand, everyone ordered the lockdown, on the other – in St. Petersburg, they travelled home by public transport or taxi. If the Agency considers that they are dangerous, how is this allowed?

we should also be said about the “Star” with far from cruise conditions. If about Observatory near Petersburg already more or less know there even are live broadcasts in social networks, they have their own groups, Pskov Guesthouse is not in sight. Anna reports the words of colleagues from the Observatory: there is one shower for eighteen people with two-gallon boiler, and one to wash is not easy. No ��of asetek – it is impossible to charge the phone, simply call my family. No soap and toilet paper. As they say – feel the difference.

However, many could survive if the exclusion was justified. There all the same, not by far.