Ukrainian blogger Sergey Ivanov asked the participant of KVN of Russia Sergey Pisarenko the question of supplies of Crimea. The artist in response to the sharply expressed in the address of the journalist and even wanted to stop the interview.

A recording of the conversation posted on the YouTube channel ISLND TV. After Pisarenko heard the question of the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation Pisarenko said that the policy is not going to discuss.

I came here to talk about the work, and you’re already the devil knows where, ‘ he said.

Pisarenko now lives in Kiev, where he starred in the humorous “Diesel Show”. According to the actor, his wife, daughter and parents stayed in Russia and he always goes there. Also, the Russian humorist said that is not going to get a passport Ukraine.

Pisarenko noticed that ordinary Russians and Ukrainians communicate normally, despite the difficult relations between the two countries. He believes that “soon someone will bother us quarrel, and we will continue to press each other hands.”

Wrote previously TV presenter Elena Stepanenko posted in his Instagram the photo archive. For this young artist is depicted on stage in a long elegant dress. It is impossible not to notice that wearing it on bare skin, which is what drew the attention of the subscribers.