Belgian doctors staged a "corridor of shame" the Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes because of the situation with COVID-19 in the country. Video of the incident posted on YouTube.

Wilmes arrived at the hospital, "Saint-Pierre" in Brussels, to discuss with staff the issues related to combat the spread of coronavirus infection.


As can be seen in the footage, the doctors are lined up on both sides of the road drove the motorcade of the Prime Minister. As you approach the machines they alternately began to unfold back in a sign of dissatisfaction with the decisions of the authorities and attitude to the health system.

As informs television channel RTBF, the action was attended by about 120 members of the institution. The physicians said that the staff is dissatisfied with the decree, according to which it becomes mandatory overtime. In addition, doctors complain of lack of financial support in the context of the pandemic.

"Politicians constantly turn away from us when we ask for help", — told reporters one of the nurses, adding that hospitals are experiencing an acute shortage of staff.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, there have been recorded more than 4.5 million cases, more than 307 thousand people died.

In Belgium the total number infected is 55 280 people died 9052 patient. On may 4, the country began a gradual lifting of the restrictions. The specialists underline that in the last days increase in COVID-19 is on the decline, despite the weakening of quarantine measures.