In the city of Korsakov (Sakhalin oblast) 35-year-old man burned his wife owned an apartment because of family conflict. The couple was married less than a month ago — on April 17, but the honeymoon has not worked, according to

the Victim has purchased an apartment three years ago, and after the marriage the couple began living together. But on may 10 they had a fight, and the next day the woman went to work, never having reconciled with her husband. At the end of the working day she went home — went to visit a friend. The husband, meanwhile, was in the apartment and drink alcohol.

some time Later, the woman called him, asked him to calm down and go to sleep, but the man said that it is no longer home either. After these words the wife of a citizen became concerned and together with a friend and her husband went to his home. As they approached the apartment building, she saw the wife — he got out of the house and somewhere to go. Soon out of the apartment by the Russians on the third floor of the smoke, to the place called the fire Department.

“I was hysterical, — the woman told the publication. — I asked to save the cat, and they issued it. Now every day I drive him to the vet for treatments, there are injections and put him in an oxygen chamber”. The fire destroyed the furnishings in the apartment, in addition, when fighting was flooded with apartment neighbor.

the husband of the victim even during a fire sent her to WhatsApp photos of things set on fire, but his guilt in the incident have not yet been proven. The woman plans to divorce her husband, communicate with him and she refuses to live with a relative.

Earlier in may it was reported about the inhabitant of Torzhok district, Tver region, which was deprived of a private house after a quarrel with the workers. The man burned the cottage to take revenge on the employer: a 32-year-old Russian is not up to the end paid off with the suspect for the building work, from-for what there was a conflict.