this was reported in the Ministry of health of the region.

Recall, at the suggestion of the head of state for those providing medical care to citizens with the identified coronavirus infection, special Federal payments. In the Amur region the financial rewards based on more than 650 professionals.

Doctors who do not meet the criteria of the Federal payments also charge a surcharge, but payment for the expense of the regional budget. For these purposes, allocated to 71 million rubles.

Regional incentive payments designed for four categories of employees of medical institutions.

the First group of professionals who provide medical care or to challenge to patients with suspected SARS and community acquired pneumonia. Second – those associated with laboratory research on coronavirus. Third – employees of observation, and the fourth, health-care workers, carrying out sanitary-quarantine control at checkpoints across the state border. Doctors are supposed 16 thousand rubles per month, the average staff – 8 thousand drivers vehicles 5 thousand, Junior medical staff and cleaners premises – 4 thousand rubles.

the Ministry of health of the Amur region and its subordinate institutions refigured Federal incentive payments to health workers, assisting citizens with novel coronavirus infection. All payments for April are paid in full, and on time of advance payment for may (from 15 may) the funds credited to personal accounts of employees.

– additional Payments for special working conditions and the additional burden assessed for the expense of the Federal budget according to the decree of the government of the Russian Federation from 02.04.2020 No. 415 and in April paid in full, – said the Deputy health Minister Natalia Hasanova.

Payments received 471 people. Including 125 doctors (the average surcharge is 40 thousand rubles), 249 employees of an average link (20 thousand) and 59 representatives of the Junior medical staff (15 thousand rubles).

– For performance of especially important works, in accordance with the decree of the RF government dated 12.04.2020 No. 484 workers directly involved in the provision of medical assistance to citizens who are diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection (i.e., with a confirmed diagnosis), funded by the Federal budget interest payments of stimulating character, – said Natalia Gasanova. – They are 184 health care workers.

In this case the sum above. An average of 80 thousand rubles received 37 doctors, 50 thousand – 86 nurses and paramedics, and 25 thousand – 21 40 nurses and drivers of ambulances.

For more accurate information about stimulating youboards workers who care for patients with novel coronavirus infection, the Ministry of health of the Amur region has established a “hot line” by phone 8 (4162) 200-952.


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