Russian hackers has sold half a million accounts of the Zoom video conferencing service on the darknet, the newspaper the Sunday Times.

the Experts at cyber security company Cyble bought accounts one pence (90 cents). The seller was a Russian-speaking user Telegram. As writes the edition, some accounts belonged to customers with Cyble, so the company could establish their authenticity.

the Hackers posted data such as email addresses, usernames and passwords, links to chats and pin codes to control the video conferencing.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic and mass transfer of companies and schools in remote format the number of users of Zoom increased. Thus, according to the newspaper, in December last year, the service had approximately 10 million people, and in March — already 200 million people.

on April 9 Google has banned its employees to use the Zoom after the news about the availability of service vulnerabilities due which private conversations can be a Scam or to get into a network. However, the Corporation employees will be able to continue to use the mobile and browser version of the service.

on April 4, the video-sharing websites YouTube and Vimeo appeared recording thousands of conversations in Zoom. The network got the conversation both personal and corporate, and workers of the conference, in particular, included the financial statements of the businesses.