On the new coronavirus appears more and more amazing information. It would seem that Smoking has always been the leading risk factor for all lung diseases and of heart and blood vessels. But, following the European, Russian doctors also noticed a coronavirus that affects fewer smokers. On this subject in the world has published several scientific publications. However, while scientists do not know what is in the nicotine do not like the coronavirus, and why he prefers to ignore it.

the Russian doctors working with kovid patients, with amazement discussing the situation on social networks. As says vascular surgeon Arman Azaryan, together with his colleague Artur Yusupov, they almost simultaneously noticed a strange thing: “Our patients with COVID-19 and pneumonia behaving strangely, lying peacefully in the chambers, the elevators do not go anywhere, hiding places and most importantly not looking in the houses don’t stink of tobacco smoke.

the behavior of patients is very strange for cardio-vascular surgeon, especially for vascular. Smoking the patient by hook and by crook, if he is not dying, despite all the bans, finds a way to smoke.

And the first thing he is doing and asks after the operation and transfer from ICU to the ward is to smoke. We first thought that the poor long-suffering of our patients, and so suffering from shortness of breath, temporarily forgot about his addiction. However, based on previous experience, it was very strange.

In General, we went through our medical history, but not all had information about tobacco use. Walked through the wards on two floors of the six, and found that of the 130 patients, only 11 are smokers or were smokers. Of 8.4%. Is in the Moscow region the number of smokers approached the figure is less than 10%?

Even given the fact that we may be a deceptive impression that most of the smoke, as our patients with atherosclerosis for the most part smokers are, after all, the furious struggle against Smoking in Russia in recent years could lead to a decrease in smokers up to 8%. According to Rosstat, in Russia, 22.5% of people smoke daily. Moscow region in second place. For my taste the figure is very optimistic, but other data we have.

it Turns out that in our patients with pneumonia, the logic had to be more smokers than in the population – that is more than 22%. Because Smoking worsens the course of all acute respiratory infections and SARS. And then COVID-19 such a strange result.”

“From my observations: in the separation of men and 56%, no one smokes at the present time!” says one doctor, Scientific center of cardiovascular surgery named. Bakuleva.

“Yes, there is something that, in our Department two doctors got sick, both only smoke!” confirms vascular heerug hospital of veterans of wars Ilya the Bushes.

Dr. Ashot Arushanyan puts his version about China: “Wuhan, as all the provinces in China as well and, in fact, the whole of China is very, very smoker. It is possible that this explains why such a quick vanishing of the epidemic in China. Mostly the virus affected non-smokers, of which there are very few. And came to Europe, where a healthy lifestyle is now everywhere and very little smokers, affected many more people. That explains, perhaps, such a spread in gender and age we now have in Russia. The older generation of smokers and young – vapers. But in China I never saw the old men Smoking, mostly young”.

Actually, that Smoking makes it harder for the flow COVID-19 in February, was written by the Chinese. But no one else this information is not confirmed. Quite the contrary.

for Example, researchers at the French Institute Louis Pasteur found that in a group of 350 patients, heavy smokers turned out to be only 4.4%. The French began to dig further. “Smoking at present may be the fact protection against COVID” has come to a paradoxical conclusion scientists. No, of course they do not recommend Smoking, but they started to make nicotine patches for people from risk group – doctors, nurses, etc., and also established a control group with placebo. The results of this study have not been released.

The Telegraph Magazine even published an article about the fact that smokers carries four times more than non-smokers, that is, that they are sick four times as often.

Another study was published in serious scientific medical journal JAMA – according to him, non-smokers among heavy davidnyc 84%. In addition, there was evidence that less prone to a severe course of coronavirus infection not only smokers, but also people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (among which, by the way, 90 percent of the smokers). One of the versions – a reduced number of АСЕ2 receptors in smokers, which is sensitive COVID.

“We, as vascular surgeons are strongly against Smoking, and are absolutely convinced that Smoking is a powerful factor in the development and progression of atherosclerosis and its consequences of myocardial infarction, stroke, sudden cardiac death, critical ischemia of lower limbs etc. And atherosclerosis is still the number 1 killer in the world, and in contrast to Wuhan disease, it will not disappear and vaccines from her not think”, – said Dr. Azarian.

the French scientists, meanwhile, are reminded that nicotine causes great harm to the health. So far, his “benefits” were known only in relation to the prevention of Parkinson’s disease (smokers get sick much less often).