In the Russian sports industry, it seems there is a new conflict. Its Central figure was the General Director of RUSADA anti-doping head structure of the country, Yuri Hanus. According to the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Stanislav Pozdnyakov, “enhanced audit” revealed violations of financial activities, headed by Mr. Hanus, a consistent critic of the position of domestic sports managers in the period of the last exacerbation of a doping crisis for the organization. The fate of Yuri Hanusa decides the Supervisory Board of RUSADA, and access to the results of the audit will be law enforcement.The President of the Olympic Committee of Russia Stanislav Pozdnyakov said that at RUSADA, the Russian anti-doping Agency, held “in-depth” audit — as “General” and “evaluation of operational efficiency for managing business processes” (speech, as explained by Mr. Pozdnyakov, including on the “remuneration of employees”). The results handed over to the founders of the anti-doping Agency and will probably be released in the near future. But Stanislav Pozdnyakov said that the audit found “violations of financial activities”. Mr. Pozdnyakov has let know, who in the first place they are threatened, adding that the inquiry was “what the CEO has tried to retroactively approve and auditor, and audit reports”: “For us, as for the founders it was a kind of signal that allowed us to question the materials that were presented.”Stanislav Pozdnyakov added that the results of the audit will receive access to “any bodies”, “including law enforcement”.Yuri Hanus is the Director General of RUSADA 2017. During his work for the organization has never presented any significant claims nor the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) or international Olympic Committee (IOC). But the greatest response of all the statements, the jury Hanusa caused those that were devoted to the actions of the Russian sports authorities to overcome the most recent manifestations of a doping crisis, like the problem with the revealed manipulations with the database of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory and the resulting manipulation of the sanctions package, WADA, providing for a four-year ban for Russia to play at major competitions under the national flag and the right to take such competitions. Mr. Hanus was, in fact, the only consistent critic of these actions among members of the establishment of the industry. Sanctions he believed to be absolutely fair, initiated and followed the process in the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) with the aim to prove them wrong — not just meaningless, and even harmful.The name of Yuri Hanusa was again in the centerthis time last week, when the telegram channel “Postprod” published information according to which the General Director of RUSADA allegedly suspected of abuse of office, corruption and misuse of funds. Speech, in particular, was about the assignment Mr. Hanus 110 million rubles., the falsification of the signatures of the contractors, additional employee benefits.At a press conference on the basis of published Yuri Hanus has denied all charges. He noted that “the comments that were made RUSADA after the last audit were of a technical nature, this was, for example, the policy of mainstreaming” and promised before August 15, to eliminate defects. What is happening he called “an active campaign to discredit” the Agency and its Director General.Now the fate of Yuri Hanusa to decide the Supervisory Board of RUSADA, meeting will be held no later than ten days after publication of the results of the audit. Head of the Supervisory Board Alexander Ivlev has declared “RIA Novosti news Agency” that the authority intends to hear the Director-General of the Agency on topical issues.Alex Armor“Kommersant” has collected the history of doping athletes from 2000 godcity next