The ongoing crisis in the domestic athletics resulted in the resignation of the President in charge of the troubled sport Federation. Yevgeny Yurchenko has held this post for only four and a half months. His departure seems to be consistent with the wishes of the strongest Russian athletes caught because of the sanctions head of the international structure of World Athletics — under threat of dismissal from performances at the top tournaments: they believe that Mr. Yurchenko had failed in undertaken on election commitments.The all-Russian athletics Federation disseminated a statement on Monday, its President Yevgeny Yurchenko. Mr. Yurchenko announced that he is leaving his post, “thus starting the process of re-election of the leadership of the club”. Under the Charter of the club acting President until the election shall be the first Vice-President — it is Oleksiy Plotnikov. “I would like to thank all not indifferent to destiny of the Russian athletics professionals with whom I worked during this short but very challenging period. I would especially like to acknowledge the work of members of the Presidium and the Board of athletes Federation which faced very serious difficulties of the protracted crisis,” added Yevgeny Yurchenko.The crisis, which says Mr. Yurchenko, is a story stretching in the domestic athletics in 2015. Throughout the second half culminating in a decade due to violations of the doping and corruption, wfla is the status of the Federation, devoid of recognition. In this regard, the Russian athletes were forced to participate in an international competition in the neutral status. However, at the beginning of this year, the situation for them has worsened. The verdict of the World Athletics, who discovered fraud in doping case jumper Danil Lysenko, envisioned a complete elimination of wfla, and hence a total ban for Russian athletes to participate in international competitions in the event of failure of the recovery Protocol.In fact, the emergence of Evgeny Yurchenko in the Federation instead left the presidential position in the last year Dmitry shlyahtin, which in the international framework considered involved in the incident was actually part of the Protocol. Mr. Yurchenko, a former Vice-Governor of the Voronezh region and the General Director of holding “Svyazinvest”, fully satisfy the requirement of World Athletics, which was to wfla headed one who cannot be suspected of having links with the discredited functionaries. And among the promises made to them before the February election, of course, means the establishment of relations with the parent organization.Meanwhile, the relationship only worsened, and in infinitelythe crisis has come the time of the next peak. Point of the recovery Protocol, wfla was the payment of a fine in the amount of $5 million, drawn to her World Athletics until July 1. The term Federation refers to the difficult economic situation, and not missed. Evgeny Yurchenko in their speeches expressed solidarity with leaders of the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation and the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), pointing to the fact that the ban on participation in competitions “clean” athletes, whatever the fate of the fine would be contrary to the rules of the Olympic Charter and other basic principles of the world of sports.These theses, however, did not seem to experience the risk of losing the opportunity to compete to the best Russian athletes. Three of the most famous of them — the high jumper Maria Laecken, the vaulter Anzhelika Sidorova and Sprinter-hurdler Sergey Shubenkov in June sent an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin: it contained including criticism of sports management. And Mrs. Laecken, three-time world champion and one of the brightest stars of modern athletics after his arrival stated that “Evgeny Yurchenko has not fulfilled obligations to the athletes who took in the elections”, “showing himself a weak leader”. Moreover, Maria Laecken admitted that “in today’s environment one cannot rule out any option” it “further actions, including withdrawal from the national team” because the athlete “tired of the mess the last five years, the impunity and inaction of the leadership of our sport, not properly protecting clean athletes”.Alex Armor“Kommersant” has collected the history of doping athletes from 2000 godcity next