Information about biosphere polygons I propose to amend the Unified state register of real estate (egrn). The corresponding bill state Duma deputies intend to consider at one of the meetings in September.

Under current law, are included in egrn data on the boundaries of zones with special conditions of use of specially protected nature objects, objects of cultural heritage, hunting grounds, forest areas. However, a biosphere polygon is a specially protected natural territory, which can attach to the reserves for scientific research. Therefore, these lands do not belong to protected areas or to areas with special conditions of use.

The list of lands in the latter category is closed, says the author of the document, the head of the Duma Committee on natural resources, property and land relations Nikolay Nikolaev. But due to the fact that biosphere polygons are not included in the registry, unclear boundaries and the allowed mode of use of their territories. The bill provides for the possibility of entry in the Unified state register of real estate information on biosphere polygons, as well as the procedure for making the said information.

In the end, because of this there is no understanding on their boundaries, the location and mode of use. That is, for all its usefulness, they “drop out” of the legal field: it is impossible to record and monitor activity in these areas.

“This bill is another step to ensure that all protected areas and special natural zones were taken into account. And if this is not done, it will be impossible to determine whether use of the protected land. The document needs to biosphere polygons do not have any construction of housing or other non-core objects”, — said earlier “the parliamentary newspaper” Nikolai Nikolaev.

The bill is aimed at addressing this legal gap. Its adoption will allow us to make transparent, public and accessible information on these landfills and their use and protection.

We will remind that earlier the Ministry of natural resources offered around the national parks located in the cities of Federal significance, set free from development buffer zone.