Russian pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) argue that called the former White house employee Monica Lewinsky. A recording of the conversation posted on YouTube.

The call was held on behalf of ecoactivists Greta Thunberg. On the recording you can hear a female voice answer the greeting and says that they have a companion a lot in common and they both have experienced public persecution, which helped them to cope parents. Lewinsky also indicates that he tries to stay away from politics because of her activism and condemn not only the representatives of all parties.

According to Kuznetsov, record a conversation with Lewinsky published as a kind of gift for her birthday. Prancer said that Monica “interesting figure”. Vova said that he was interested to learn, now lives Lewinsky.

it is Clear that she fully dedicated himself to public activities, anti bullying, — said Kuznetsov RBC.

Monica Lewinsky got a job in the White house in 1995, during the presidency of bill Clinton. In 1998, the public learned about the intimate relationships of young employee of the administration and of the U.S. President. Clinton denied everything, but he was accused of perjury and obstruction of justice, but in the end, the Senate refused to impeach him.