on the first day of July in the country has opened the holiday season. In Sochi – quite sharply. Just a few days of lifting the restrictive measures, the city is back to normal. Quarantine resemble a sticker with a request to respect the social distance and wear masks. However, they do not care. The man in the mask at the Sochi streets are hard to find.

Seven in the morning. In the Central Sochi beach “Riviera” is already crowded. Basically – residents. A couple of weeks ago they had an unexpected opportunity to swim and sunbathe all day. Today it’s gone. The sea – early morning or late evening before and after work. Sochi residents are very happy.

– I’m a local. It was a pity to see the city in early summer is empty. We are all tied to tourism. I, for example, pharmaceutical companies operate. It would seem that no relation to tourism…But no. We have dropped the sales of antipyretic analgesics. Local pharmacies were closed. The only thing that sold well during the quarantine – condoms, 40 percent of sales have increased. So really looking forward to tourists and happy – smiles Irina in the red swimsuit. Small drops of water glisten on smooth hair.

half an hour, and the local beaches are replaced by tourists. No one in the mask. On the table near the rescuers antiseptics. As noted by the head of the Ministry of resorts and tourism and the Olympic legacy of Krasnodar region Svetlana Balayeva, despite the quarantine, the infrastructure of Sochi for the reception of guests was getting ready in the offseason, on city beaches complied with all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, the resort is ready to ensure the safety of tourists.

– We comply with all guidelines related to the pandemic coronavirus. On the beach organized by a special processing site and equipment testing of employees, beds spaced out on the necessary social distance, – said the head of the beach resort “Rosa Khutor” Christina Vekselberg.

in Addition to the requirements of the CPS implemented and the requirements of international environmental organizations. This year the beach “Rosa Khutor” became the winner of prestigious international award “Blue flag”. He and 20. The certificate that is awarded to the best beach areas in the world since 1987, says about the purity of sea water and the quality of infrastructure. Well, how can you get infected?

On social distance on the beaches of Sochi remember only the staff, placing sunbeds.

– the Sea, sun and water – our best friends – laughing, Daniel of Kostroma. In Sochi, he came with a girl, stayed at the hotel “Pearl”. Two weeks holiday for two with flights gave 70 thousand rubles. Flew from Moscow.

the People at the airport were very many. All in masks. And social distance are not observed. To the aircraft carried on the bus, all standing next to. The temperature�� no one has measured, explains Daniel.

to Measure. Just to many unnoticed. At the airport of Sochi was from a “pistol” lifestyle and installed the cameras. If the staff suddenly lights up a passenger with fever, he was immediately carried to the infirmary. And there are already doctors will figure out where to send – in the hotel or in the infection Department.

in Just the first week after the quarantine, Sochi airport took more than 83 thousand passengers, that’s five thousand more than the forecast plan for the period of recovery after the crisis. Just in July, the airport plans to take more than 350 thousand tourists. But given the General positive trend, it can be assumed this figure will be much higher. If until March 21 took the airport 60-70 flights now nearly 150 a day. In this year there was a flight of fifteen new areas of Russia, including the far East, – said the press service of the Sochi airport.

Flights to Sochi arrive full. Tourists are already taking 220 hotels, out of 1500 possible. According to the administration of Sochi, the resort to rest more than 50 thousand people. According to the forecast, in the beginning of the month, the occupancy rate in the formal sector of the sanatorium-resort sector will be 50 per cent and by the end of July will gradually reach 90

– We see a high load in the segment of luxury five-star hotels. Many of them are already on foot. There is also a demand for the budget hotels. A crucial role was played by the removal of the requirement to provide information about the lack of coronavirus. In many cities it is simply impossible to obtain. Of course, to bring the results of the hotels will be at the end of the year, but if the download will continue at this level, the prognosis is very good, – the Director of the tourist company “Riviera Sochi” Bella Tarasova.

Located in the heart of Sochi, apart hotel “Brevis” is already booked by 80 percent. Just a few days, this figure will reach 90 percent. For comparison, last year the occupancy rate of the hotel during this period was 82 to 86 percent.

– People like to relax in a hurry, many fear a second wave of coronavirus. There is also the effect of deferred demand, come on vouchers tour operators, cashing in his failed holiday abroad for Sochi. The hotel meets all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. Markup is available, daily disinfection and treatment room, the treatment of public areas every two hours for the reception it is possible to buy masks and gloves, all with sanitizer. Also at the entrance all measured the temperature. If guest it will be increased, it is isolated in a designated room, call an ambulance. And doctors will determine what to do – to take you to the hospital. Do doctors have the procedure to test the contacts of the sick. All who lived with him, you should��DUT to be tested for coronavirus and only after a negative result will be able to return to the hotel. But while a single case, we were not, – says the Director of the apart-hotel Brevis Anna Balashova.

Despite the high demand, the hotels and sanatoriums of Sochi, the hotel prices are not rising. But, unexpectedly, increased the cost of accommodation in apartments and apartments elite class. If last year offers a chic area of over 100 square meters in a modern complex costing thousands 250 per month, and this year they will have to pay about 300

– in Addition to the segment “luxury”, the demand for very economical apartments. People are looking for a one-bedroom apartment for 2000 rubles per day. But it’s a variant on the edge, or not in very good condition. In the middle segment prices remained at last year’s level – one bedroom in good location for rent in three thousand per day, two 4-5. We have to manage is 120 apartments, 90 percent of July already booked. For August, there are places, – said the head of the company for the lease of apartments in Sochi “Alex-rent” Alexander Dmitrienko.

comes Alive and the mountain cluster of Sochi. Guests are already waiting for all the resorts. On the largest mountain complex “Rosa Khutor” you can climb to the observation deck at a height of 2320 meters above sea level, to get a powerful boost of adrenaline on the high swing or rodentbane – driven mountain sled, the maximum acceleration speed reaches 40 km/h. there Are diverse Hiking and Cycling routes in the Park of the waterfalls “Mandalika”, on the southern slope of the Aibga ridge. Here is the highest in the vicinity of Sochi waterfall – the “Golden”. Its height is 77 meters. Novelty of the season was the opportunity to relax in the Russian style. Offers etnofoor “Shishin yard”, where everything is arranged like a hundred years ago the Russian settlers. The residents of the farm bred goats are undemanding and coming breed of boiled milk cheeses, cook pies, produce honey. You can play with the kids and go for a walk with the shepherds in the mountains. Complement true Russian hospitality new unusual hotels in the resort “Rosa Khutor”. They are located in the complex “My Russia”, allows you to walk in the “Nevsky”, visit the “Kizhi” and live in “Siberia”. The unique hotel is housed in a Petersburg mansion of the XIX century, the famous wooden frame of the Arkhangelsk region, and in the mansion of planks.

Before boarding the cable car by a smiling volunteer measures the temperature and outputs a mask. In booths – only four people.

We missed the mountains. There is now the rhododendrons are in bloom – smiling Maria from Moscow.

what people want to nature, celebrate and guides Sochi. Despite the fact that day with a private guide will cost you 7-10 thousand rubles, wanting – a lot.

– I for two weeks the first output – says the guide of the Sochi Dmitry Pirozhkov – last year drove guests in Abkhazia, but now the neighboring country closed, it was found that in Sochi will surprise you. Waterfalls, tea plantations, caves – all this is very much in demand.

the Interest in camping is noticed in the Caucasian reserve. Has already opened here 10 of the 16 routes. For the first week on them were more than 2500 tourists.

– a Very good performance on attendance in the Park “Southern culture”. During the quarantine had developed a route for lifting immunity – anti-bacterial. It passes through pine, eucalyptus alleys, past the trees that produce useful substances, – tell in Caucasian biosphere reserve.

After circuses need bread. Restaurants Sochi is also gradually coming back to life. According to the owner of a restaurant holding A. Family Group of Anne of Netagiri, it is noticeable that the season started. Despite the fact that the tables had to push and thereby reduce the number of seats, revenue reaches more than 80 percent from last year.

– Guests are not afraid of anything. Despite the fact that we are all antiseptics, they are rare. In our restaurants the waiters are wearing masks and gloves. Think it’s necessary for those who communicate with lots of people. There is a disinfecting lamp and in the halls and in the kitchen. It is clear that people miss the restaurants, they want to sit a big company, chat. Coronavirus does not stop anyone. But even despite the good performance, the forecast for the year I’m not very optimistic. Now restaurateurs Sochi pull their socks up, opened, the owners made concessions. But what do we do in winter or in October, when the time comes to repay debts? Usually over the summer I managed to accumulate some fat to survive the winter, when tourists are not so many, says Anna Natalina.

At sunset the benches on the seafront promenade full. Hard to find a place on the summer terraces of cafes. Filled new amphitheatre and the beach “Riviera”. It’s so nice to sit and watch the sunset. To be sure that the season will be successful, the city will come a lot of tourists and no one will miss the summer.