the 34-year-old Russian theater and film actress, model, TV presenter Miroslava Karpovich, famous for his role in the sitcom “Daddy’s girls”, where she played the eldest sister Mary, staring into space for the first time commented on the rumors that actor Paul Priluchny got with her, barely having time to divorce Agatha muceniece.

While earlier it became known that as soon as the news about the affair with Priluchnogo Karpovich hit the media, the girl began to receive numerous threats from fans of the couple Priluchnogo and muceniece who were disappointed with the divorce and began to call Karpovich a home-wrecker.

“Agatha is a hundred times better than you!”; “Hands off Paul, he has a family!” – about these messages was to the actress.

“you Know, over the years I have become wise and do not pay attention to the Haight,” said the actress in an interview with StarHit, adding that threats have scared her friends who began to call her and ask if everything was all right.

Karpovich said that when I was actively texting for Instagram it signed by 10 thousand people. And when did this sensation, much more.

“I didn’t have to do anything! So thank you wishers for my popularity!”, – said Karpovich.

she was neither to confirm nor deny their relationship with Priluchny.

“I basically don’t tell what I have going on in my personal life,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that Priluchny played with Karpovich at one of the performances and before the divorce with muceniece he has developed a close relationship with a partner.

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