Yana Rudkovskaya posted in instagram video, which shows that her husband Yevgeny Plushenko black eye.

“All men are but our family still took up Boxing with Alexander Fake. Training Eugene does not go unnoticed, judging by the contented face” – she wrote in microblogging.

The followers joined in the discussion. Someone thinks that the family have nothing better to do during the isolation when most people have to live and survive.

“that’s what it means. People live without the hassle”.

Opponents argue, noting that only the external visible side of the picture.

“…you can’t even imagine WHAT a hellish schedule at Yana’s. Not for a second. It is clear that we are now all in quarantine, but to organize a show, it’s all a huge Titanic work. You day would not have lasted in the chart Yana”.

However, they get objections in response.

“I don’t think that heavy physical work. And a lot easier. Physically much harder to work with than video Breakfast to shoot.”

Well, the bruise on the face of the Olympic champion did not remain without attention.


“First beat”, “You’re crazy, nonsense.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Evgeni Plushenko and his wife Yana Rudkovskaya published another funny masterpiece. This time they decided to test just how recovered during the quarantine.

published Yana Rudkovskaya (@rudkovskayaofficial) 22 May 2020 8:33 PDT