The representatives of Kiev and several Western countries “the truth about Crimea hurts.” So they refused to participate in the meeting of the UN security Council on the situation on the Russian Peninsula. This was written in social networks the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

“This is the case when the truth hurts. However, the Crimeans, who spoke at UN online, spoke about the real situation on the Peninsula. This is a very important and significant point: the UN was made by the people who rightfully represent the people of the Crimea, not professional liars and provocateurs. Who wanted to hear the truth, he heard it,” said Feldman.

The politician described the security Council meeting on Crimea as a success and thanked Russian MFA, which does a lot “to protect the rights of the Crimean people and debunking myths anticristo propaganda”.

The meeting was initiated by Russia at the Arria formula. The so-called informal meeting, organized by the country-member of the security Council. Participants openly exchange opinions, and the procedural framework is quite flexible. The Arria formula meetings by inviting people, which, in the opinion of the organizer, it is useful to listen to. The format of the meetings is named after Venezuelan diplomat Diego Arria. He began first to practice such a meeting in 1992 as the representative of Venezuela.

Europe refused to listen to the Crimea

The conversation on the Crimean” meeting was devoted to the actual situation on the Peninsula and slanderous propaganda from Kiev and some Western States.

At the meeting for the first time spoke directly to the residents of the Crimea. In particular, the speakers talked about “blackout”, the water blockade of the Peninsula, the support of the Crimean Tatars and the referendum of 2014 year.

Previously, under the guise of Crimean Kiev and its allies have people over, escaped from the Peninsula five years ago.

Rambler reported that representatives of four countries (Ukraine, USA, great Britain and Estonia) refused to participate in the initiated by Russia meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in the Crimea.