a total of rides earned in 12 rest areas: Babushkinskaya and Izmailovsky parks, manor Vorontsovo, Gorky Park, Lianozovo Park, “Fili”, “Kuzminki”, “Sokolniki”, “Kolomna”, “Northern Tushino” in the Park on Angarskaya street and in Perovsky Park. “Children can go Canoeing, mini-train and jump on the trampoline sports in Northern Tushino, a ride on the spinning cups of the chocolate in the Izmailovo Park, on the carousel “Luna Park” in Gorky Park, – told “RG” in a press-service “Moorpark”. – The average ticket price per session ranges from 75 to 400 rubles.” The mode of operation of the rides remained the same as before the pandemic can be found on the parks ‘ websites.

However, near amusement passers-by with children going all last week. Many walkers approached the guards and asked when will earn the carousel. For example, the high demand was in Park “Kuzminki-Lublin”, which is one of the best in the family entertainment capital of the towns under the open sky cosmic. On the eve of the opening there was lively: the staff checked the operation of all rides. There was also General cleaning with disinfection.

Similar processes took place in all the parks where there is entertainment area. Workers put the markup for social distance, this requirement persists. All grab bars and seats treated with disinfecting sprays. And so opening day has come. Many visitors come to ride without masks – from yesterday Muscovites officially can not wear on the streets, it is only a recommendation. Rides are currently working at full speed, in anti-virus mode. For example, on the carousel in the “Kuzminki” of the 36 seats allowed only 18, it is also necessary for sanitary safety. Antiseptic for which we are all accustomed to in the shops and the subway, here are sprayed constantly. This applies not only to seats and handrails, but in General all surfaces and objects, for example, magnetic rods – one of favourite entertainments of the Moscow channel. They are treated after every fisherman. While the main Park of Moscow “Island of dreams” opens July 18, confirmed in a press-service of the complex. In the case of a restart after quarantine “Russian Disneyland” announced discounts. Standard categories of tickets for weekdays can be purchased at the price of 1800 rubles per adult ticket (10 years) instead of 2600, a child ticket will cost 1600 rubles. instead of 2200. On weekends and public holidays the tickets for the standard category will cost 2300 rubles per visitor aged 10+) instead of 2900. For children under 10 years of age will have to pay 1900 RUB., whereas prior to the pandemic, the ticket cost was 2600 RUB. For the money it will be possible to visit more than 20 attractions, shows and interactive areas.