American space ships are nothing more than glamorous analogue of the Russian “Union”, while advanced manned “eagle” will indeed become a ship of a higher class. Such opinion in interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” told the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin.

– the Difference of this ship from those which are now so proud of the Americans is one simple detail. American ships, whether Space X or Boeing ship – it ships only for low orbits are the analogues of our “Union.” Yeah, more spacious, more glam, but it’s still analogue on the technical characteristics of spacecraft “Soyuz MS”, our as we speak, grandfather, – said Rogozin.

He added that the successor of “Salsa” – the Russian manned transport spacecraft “eagle” – will be much more powerful, protected and provided with all functions in the far orbits.

– a ship that can return to the atmosphere of the earth at second cosmic speed, to extinguish her, to enter into these dense layers of the atmosphere, without the risk of being burnt in the atmosphere. This is a larger class ship, – stated the head of Roscosmos.

According to him, considering the future characteristics of the “eagle”, work is conducted without any haste. The main task – to eliminate any risk for stable maintenance of the ISS.

– In space need not run behind the beautiful products with beautiful labels, to the tune of a Bowie, and it is necessary to rely primarily on exhaust system. Especially where we are talking about people’s lives. And such a system exists at the moment only Russia, – continued the theme of glamour Rogozin.

At the same time he agreed that the transportation of Russian cosmonauts on the ships Elon musk is a good idea. But it will be implemented only when the company Space X will receive certificates for their ships “for the pilot not flying, and when all life-support systems will work in place”.

– a prerequisite, – said Dmitry Rogozin.