General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin believes it is possible the existence of life on Mars. He said this in the program of Yuri Kostin “Personal touch” that goes on his YouTube channel and on the channel “WORLD”.

– it is possible, – he noted, answering a reporter’s question about whether there is life on Mars. Actually for this mission to go. I mean, not life in the form of the Martians some, and some cells are germs.

the General Director of Roskosmos recalled that researchers on the Ground raised blocks of ice that are 100 million years old, found the germs and “revived” them.

– This suggests that it is likely, if ever there was any signs of life was on the planets of the Solar system, in the case if they could be found, they could even spice up. So I’m not ruling anything out.

He also called the two tasks of mankind in deep space. One of them – to save themselves, their civilization from unwanted encounters with asteroids, comets and so on. And the second is to answer the question – is there life besides our own.

I’m sure it must exist. The universe is infinite, by and large. And therefore, in this infinity it is possible to prevent a repetition of the conditions which were created on our planet, – said Rogozin.