CPS has included the Shawarma, burgers and cream cakes in the list of the food that Russians are poisoned most often.

the doctors included in the top 5 most dangerous food the chicken eggs, pickles, mushrooms, classic sushi, ready-made stuffing. However, now the list has changed.

“the Most dangerous foods to prevent infection are multi-component salads, pastry products, cream, Shawarma, products from chopped meat, jelly,” – said on the website of Rospotrebnadzor.

the Ministry stressed that the greatest danger is posed salads with dressing of mayonnaise or sour cream, among the meat dishes should be afraid of burgers, pies, and rolls. In Rospotrebnadzor also said that on poorly washed fruits and vegetables remain infectious agents.

not to get poisoned, it is recommended to cook all these dishes at home. For those who have no such possibility, you need to look carefully at the date, time of manufacture of the product and the period of its implementation. “Complex salads and meats better not to keep longer than a day. Pastry cream must be in the refrigerator,” – noted in Rospotrebnadzor.