The new normative act regulates the production, trafficking and consumption products industry, including the control of substandard goods.

June 26th will become effective as the new law on viticulture and winemaking represents the main normative legal act of the sector and formalizing the notion of “Russia’s fault”.

Adopted in December, the innovation regulates the production, trafficking and consumption within this sector with the orientation on the growth of product quality in domestic wine production and to increase their competitiveness on a global level.

Entered the law defines the specifics of the labeling and trade of wine in retail form, obliging manufacturers to indicate the full information about the grapes from which the goods are manufactured, including variety, crop year and area of growth.

Alcoholic beverages stronger than 22% cannot be considered wine and shall be separated in the hall sale.

In addition, the regulation States that can be regarded as substandard or adulterated products and is denoted by a ban on its excretion in the sale.

One of the main provisions of the new law is the unification of viticulture and winemaking into a single industry, which is coordinated by a single state authorized body.