because of the pandemic coronavirus this summer overseas resorts for the first time in many years, become inaccessible for Russians. As a result, many citizens bezrybe decided to relax in the Russian Yuga, in particular in the Crimea. Local businessmen then took advantage of the situation and raised the prices on everything possible. The prescribed measures of quarantine on the beaches and in catering establishments immediately faded into the background. Correspondent “MK” spent a vacation in the Crimea and evaluated local holidays.

Distance? Heard!

it Turned out that the most comfortable and cheap in the Crimea-2020 can entertain tourists who are not afraid to come to the Peninsula immediately after removing the basic constraints and the abolition of mandatory observation – one of them was me. At the end of December, I booked a very decent private house of 130 square meters with a plot in the Bay of Kapsel near Perch for 4.5 thousand rubles per day. However, until the last moment the trip was in question: mid-June to the Peninsula allowed only local residents with a residence permit or property ownership.

fortunately, the 15th of June all restrictions were removed, and a few days after the temperature measurement on the Crimean bridge we drove by car to the Peninsula. After the exit of the new highway Tauris on mountain road in Feodosiya there was a sense that we are almost the first tourists of this season. 40 minutes drive towards we’ve got only one car with local numbers. Our housing is fully consistent with the photos and the owners were very grateful that we, despite cowed, not afraid to come to them in June.

the Usually crowded beach was struck by its emptiness – despite the resurrection, on the shore were only a few companies of local residents. At that time in the village there has been only one grocery store, a café, still showed no signs of life, and the beaches were standing free from the numerous Lounges and bananas.

However, after 25 June in the coastal area began a noticeable action. On the beach grew tight rows of plastic chairs, and almost immediately it became clear that in an attempt to snatch the maximum amount of money most owners turned a blind eye to preventive measures prescribed by the CPS. If at the end of June, the distance between the chairs under the tent on the beaches was at least a meter (instead of 1.5-2), then in July, when the Peninsula was flooded with vacationers, it dropped to 30-40 centimeters. Trying to claim plastic benches, I offered to move the lounger to any place on the beach, that is, to move with him under the scorching sun – tent with a not carry away.

Neither of which disinfect surcharge of beach equipment in the Crimea, too, no question. On many beaches, where are webeen looking for chairs don’t bother even to shake the sand from them after the departed guest. In some places the beds closely crowded almost all the space, even though by law they can’t take no more than 60% of the coastal territory. In this 20 days I have not seen on local beaches no inspection.

In the district on June 25, the third space marine on our beach right in the middle of the fenced restrictive buoys for bananas and jet skis. However, prior to July 10 water fun never earned, like the hosts could not arrange permits… Some manifestation of greed in the Crimea in cavigny season just has no logical explanation.

With the mass arrival of tourists carousing and beach vendors a variety of food. So, the price of hot corn has increased from 50 to 75-100 rubles per cob, various pies and khachapuri from 80 to 150, and for a small Cup of the black sea small shrimp, resembling seeds, asking 250 p.

Apparently, in an attempt to make it up in June, the profit was not far behind from the rest of the owners of summer cafes. Waiters in masks in the Crimea, I did not see never, the tables, of course, too, there is no disinfecting, thank you, though wiped. When we came July 6 in a café in Sudak, where he had dinner almost immediately after his arrival, he found that the prices on the menu increased by 20-30 %. In addition, in season to eat in peace and rest to tourists who are not accustomed to the Crimean entourage, most Shalmanov is problematic. In the evenings in a seaside cafe starts live music mixed with karaoke. All this is happening with such volume that a piece sometimes does not go into the throat. In this part of the institutions for the pleasure and introduces another additional fee per person, which many visitors know already at the time of issuance of the check.

Prices on the market, with arrival of tourists also slowly but surely crept up. When expensive cherries, it is at least understandable, her season ends in July. But what has caused the increase in the prices of tomatoes, local peaches and watermelon sellers to explain I could not…

Rent an expensive kennel

typically, the best on a ratio the price-quality housing options on the Peninsula are booked even in the winter. But people who decided to stay in Crimea at the last moment due to closed borders, these prices can only dream about.

So, some vacationers with whom we chatted on the beach and was in shock from the housing, which cost them the price is not the worst hotel in Turkey. Muscovite Oksana said that she and her husband and children decided to go to the Crimea because of the runaway trips abroad.

In Turkey we always chose hotels where there are detached bungalows, – said Oksana. – On the one hand, kind of like living in a separate house, but all infrastructure of the hotel – the pools and restaurants available to you. On average, a 3-star hotel cost us $ 15-20 a day for four people all inclusive. Since Turkey in June covered, decided in early July to go for 10 days in Crimea. Hotels with free-standing houses in the Crimea for a bit, besides, wherever seats are still available, prices start from 25-30 thousand per day. As a result, enticed by the beautiful photos, we booked a private eco-house with pool in a small village on the East coast for 12 thousand per day. Decided that Breakfast will prepare themselves, and to dine in a local café. The owners of the house promised on the beach in 10 minutes walk there are places for every taste and budget. In fact, the eco-house was the usual small (60 metres), wooden summer house with outdoor pool, attached 2 to 4 meters, more like a trough. But the horror was not even that: to the sea in reality turned out to be more than 2 kilometers, which had to go along the route on the scorched steppe. The site is located close to this road, which is constantly scurrying cars on the beach. And the coastal cafe “for every taste” were the three places where you can get pasties, manta rays and low-grade pizza. So to prepare for all I have. Of the advantages of a clean sea and beautiful mountains, but for the money this is not enough.

Ignorant vacationers with renting houses in the private sector face the fact that he rented a house and got a plot-the dorms with the other campers, the owners, their livestock and children. In the announcement delicately glossed over and the price is set as a separate building. Although, in fact, this placement is a little different from many of the Crimean guest houses, the prices on the average in 2 times cheaper.

We went to Crimea by car together with friends, so I decided to rent a house to relax in his company – he told me another beach friend Julia from St. Petersburg. – Booked a spacious house with a plot near Alushta is a 15-thousand per day. On arrival it turned out that a tiny sun-scorched site are already three houses, two of which in the season the owners rent, and in the third they live with their two children, a cat and a dog. As a result, on 6 acres at the same time is 14-16 people. On the street with some wine and barbecue do not normally sit, around people, we survived it all 2 days with the scandal took the money and moved to a guest house in another village, it’s good that places are free.

while traveling in the Crimea I heard a very different assessment of local rest of the people who ended up here accidentally because of the closed borders. From sharp: “as soon As allowed abroad, here more than a foot”, to the real delight of the local landscapes, climate and wild, unspoilt beaches.

– of Course, in Crimea there are some problems, but for people who are on holiday here regularly, they are not fatal, summed up my friend Elena, the owner of the guest house in Rybachye. – Almost anywhere on the Peninsula is semi-wild beaches without sunbeds and water technology. You can stay in a hotel or resort with a private beach and free inventory, not all of them are fantastically expensive. As for prices, in fact, and tours abroad, most people reserve well in advance. At the last moment to find affordable and comfortable housing everywhere is not so easy.