They decided to experience what it feels to be wearing a protective suit.

the Russians from Samara wearing protective clothing over swimsuits and photographed against the backdrop of the beach, in their yards and shops.

So the residents decided to support the nurse in the infectious hospital of the Tula regional clinical hospital. The girl came to work in a transparent protective suit, under which was only a swimsuit.

what in the hazmat suits are extremely hot, have experienced many health workers. However in the regional Ministry of health the ingenuity of the girl is not appreciated. The Ministry reported that the employee of medical institution has violated the requirements for medical clothing. It applied the “disciplinary penalty in the form of notes.”

Later in the Ministry of health supported employee. With her also personally met the Governor Alexey Dyumin and thanked her for her work during this difficult time.

Inhabitants of Samara launched a social networks flash mob in order to experience what it feels to be wearing a protective suit.

“just two minutes, everyone was sweating like in a sauna, it is impossible to breathe, the face of pressure, the points close. I don’t see how doctors work in this many hours,” wrote one of the participants of the flash mob.

Anna Lysenko