Spain from July 1, will open their borders to foreign tourists, said the head of the government of Pedro Sanchez. He also said that may 26 will be declared a ten day national mourning for the victims of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

This will be the longest mourning in the history of democratic Spain.

“I declare to you that from July the entry of foreign tourists to Spain will resume on terms of security,” said Mr. Sanchez for press-conference Saturday (quoted by AFP).

In this regard, the authorities intend to ensure that tourists are not exposed to the risk of infection and yet do not end up distributors of coronavirus. Previously, the intention to open the border on June 3 announced to the government of Italy.

According to the American Institute of Johns Hopkins in Spain revealed 234,8 thousand cases. Died 28.6 thousand, recovered — 150,3 thousand. Since 2 may, the authorities began to loosen the introduced due coronavirus restrictive measures.

From coronavirus tourism in the EU has decreased to approximately 10% of the former volume, said Executive Director of the European travel Commission Eduardo Santander. According to him, the EU will provide €375 billion to restore the tourism industry after the pandemic.