In the scientific-technological sphere, the brewing scandal. The heirs of the scientist with a world name of Viktor Ivannikov, the founder of the Institute for system programming (ISP) claim to use the name of academician without their consent, including for commercial purposes. This, according to the widow, “denigrates his image”.

Under the threat of failure can be international conference “Ivankovskoe readings” dedicated to the development of innovative technologies in the field of system programming. She is scheduled for 25-26 September in Orel. Annual meeting in a similar format, starting in 2018, held at the initiative of the ISP. This year the event dedicated to the 80th anniversary since the birth of Viktor Ivannikov. His widow has addressed in Tagansky court to impose a ban on the conference. A defendant in the suit is founded by academician and now bears his name Institute.

According to Ivannikova, the leadership Institute uses the name of her husband without her permission, ignoring the communication with her and not dedicating to the plans for the organization of various events “where you use the name of Ivannikova V. P. for attracting attention, building relationships and creating credibility among scientists and professionals in the field of system programming, raising his personal prestige on the international scale and importance in elite circles.” According to the widow, “actions aimed at preserving the memory of academician as a man, mentor, scholar is not done, the promise of the establishment of the monument on the grave of academician and organization Museum named after him, not done.” But in Armenia without the consent of the heirs of today, on the territory of the Armenian Gregorian Church he was raised religious monument — stele with an image of a cross that relatives consider “how arbitrary the blasphemous act of insulting the feelings of Orthodox people”, as well as the honor and dignity of the deceased.

the academician’s Son, contacted the “MK” says that the name of academician “mercilessly exploited in commercial and personal purposes.”

the Father, in particular, is the main author Svace – development of the ISP, which used a large company for the production of high-tech equipment, all devices in 2017, says Pavel Ivannikov. – His name is a sign of quality for any product that is produced. References to his name in the scientific school created by him, his Institute is one of the key circumstances when selecting software products and services offered on the software markets in determining price, software products and services. Many contracts and business relationships are conducted at these conferences. But in the hustle and bustle of the various activities lose the purity of the image based��interaction Institute, his dedication to science and disinterestedness, which is well known in the scientific community. The Institute, which was founded by his father, has his name, but originally there had not received the consent of his heirs. The Institute carries out legal protection of names, which use the name of the father, limiting the heirs, including me, in their right use. And we defend his name can’t. For use development, of which I spoke, the Institute receives millions of dollars a year. The monument to his father at the cemetery Troekurov I have installed it on their money.”