In the case of the bill on the confiscation of suspicious incomes in favor of the Pension Fund of Russia, most of the money will withdraw self-employed Russians. This was stated by the expert of the Russian Institute of strategic studies, candidate of economic Sciences Mikhail Belyaev.

According to the expert, to prosecute under this law in the first place, officials and businessmen, however, to prove the illegality of their income will be very difficult. Officials usually rewrite their assets to relatives and thus remain “pure” before the law. Entrepreneurs use the same money laundering schemes, tax evasion, hiding assets in offshore. Against them the law will also be weak to work. In the end, the most vulnerable will be self-employed.

“In Russia of about 20 million people” – quoted the economist.

Belyayev said that from the shadow came out, only about 750 million self-employed who agreed to do it on preferential terms. According to his calculations, if these citizens pay the official tax, the budget would receive annually 960 billion rubles. It is incomparable with the income of big business and government officials.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry proposed to make amendments in the legislation, which would translate unofficial incomes of Russians to the FIU. The Ministry clarified that the amendments are of a technical nature that addresses a gap in the legislation. We are talking about what to confiscate in favor of the RPF will be not only the property of the corrupt, but also illegally obtained money.

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