the Recent road tragedy on the Garden ring, the culprit was the actor Mikhail Efremov was the catalyst for public debate about how to reorganize traffic in Russia. The victims of road accidents in the country in 2019 became 16.9 per thousand people — less than a decade ago, but it’s still way too much. At the expert level discussion of the different approaches to the problem from further tightening of legislation to reform road construction. To join in the conversation and decided new political parties: a round table on road traffic on 8 July was held with the participation of the founder of the party “New people” Alexey Nechaev.

Note that the current historical moment is unique for the Russian organizers of the road. On the one hand, the system of road restrictions, penalties and arrangement of roads is quite stable historically understandable and is the result of some kind of social contract. On the other hand, perhaps it is time for this Treaty to pereubedit on new grounds — in particular, achieving zero deaths in accidents, as is done in many countries. The case of Ephraim is not so much the cause, as the reason to talk about it, said the participants of the round table.

– Our main task – to equip not some far corners of the world and our lives here and now, emphasizes Alexey Nechaev. And one of the main issues here is safety on the roads. First of all, there should be considered infrastructure solutions, which have long been known. The bump stops on the dividing lines instead of space for “special drive”. For example, the terrorists have to protect the first persons of the state — but why the flashing lights and spetsproekt officials of an average hand? The benefits of these modes of travel is quite obvious, but the use of rumble strips — a definite, unambiguous statistics, talking about their benefits.

Indeed, the benefits of physical separation of transport streams visible to the naked eye: on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Western Moscow bump there, and parallel to it Zvenigorodskoe highway, he is, and the number of victims of accidents on these roads differ in ten times. Highway almost coincide in direction, and high-speed mode. The implications are clear — and that is why on their basis does not occur reconstruction of the Kutuzovsky Prospekt or Sadovaya ring, more of a political matter.

– unfortunately, in the records of accident most often just stating the guilt of the driver, says autoparasitic and a member of the Public Council at the Moscow police Department Peter Shkumatov. – Poor road conditions are often ignored, and then on the basis of false statistics to make decisions — to toughen penalties, to develop system-auto��of exali violations. While the need to improve all three components of road traffic — vehicle, driver behaviour and road.

To reduce the mortality rate in road accidents, perhaps we need to encourage fleet replacement — modern cars with airbags often do not allow accidents to be accidents. According to the participants of the round table, you may need even such serious measures as restriction of access to the roads in unsafe vehicles. Rules of certification of new cars needs to change to avoid getting on the road vehicles such as “heel” who killed path of Ephraim courier Sergey Zakharov. This method works — proven recycling program avtohlama, held in early 2010-ies. She dramatically reduced the death rate in road accidents in 1,500 people a year.

Note that the global movement for road safety, such as the Swedish Vision Zero also started with that “ganged up” on drivers. And continue infrastructure development. Should not happen so that the road renovated by the national project, it is just more smooth and therefore fast. Not acquire any additional security. Similarly, in the cities no persuasion and threats to neighbors help from street racers like the “speed bumps”.

the Truth about the motivation of the drivers also should not be forgotten. “My jar thoughts – what would happen if there was a bump, says radio host Sergei Stillavin, a friend and a partner Gennady Bachinsky in 2008, was killed in an accident. – Anyway, the culprit is the driver, and a public figure should be an example for others to follow. Discipline may play a role of a digital “eye”, watching over the drivers. Why, for example, recently disappeared systems cameras, wikislavia the average speed of the car?”.

a Separate problem, – adds Alexey Nechaev — connected with the training of drivers in driving schools. Here the decision should be approached comprehensively, it is possible to completely update the curriculum. Now they are based are the same as 50, and even 70 years ago — and the skills of the driver are of a completely different level.

– the Entire automotive world has long worked with databases violators of traffic rules, many countries have cumulative points for different offences, says years chief editor of the magazine “Behind the wheel” Peter Smaller. – If such cumulative system operated in our country, then a driver’s license would have no chronic alcoholic. Would have solved the problem of system violators of traffic rules. It would seem that the equipment of roads cameras register violations could solve the problem — but we know that, if put in the budget of 40 — 50 thousand roubles a year, it is possible not to look at the rightssludge at all. To cut this knot could storage system. If many completely trustworthy drivers will begin to accumulate penalty points, it becomes clear: some rules need to change.

Expert round table on transport, held by a political party — though not parliamentary — States: the problem of deaths on the roads and reform of the road in the General interests of society. So much so that politicians see this as potential support. Anyway, this process is beneficial to all parties: the public gets the organizing principle in the form of parties, the state expert support, policy downloads. Importantly, from the arguments left at least some meaning.