Princess Sofia/her sons Alexander and Gabriel.

the 41-year-old Swedish Prince Carl Philip and his 35-year-old wife, Princess Sophie, doing everything possible to make this summer memorable for their two sons, despite the pandemic coronavirus. For example, yesterday Carl and Sophia, along with four-year-old Alexander and two-year-old Gabriel went off on a family hike in the reserve Nunes.

the nature of the couple together with the children enjoy the fresh air, walked a lot, and at the end of the day had a picnic right on the lake Gissen. A walk Carl and Sophia also took a beloved dog who enjoyed swimming in the lake after a hot day. Pictures taken on the reserve, a couple hours ago shared on his official page in instagram.

Princess Sofia with sons

We visited the observation deck in the nature reserve Nunes. All highly recommended to visit this place! We come here to enjoy the views, walk and swim in the beautiful lake Giesen, — reads the caption to the snapshots.

Prince Carl Philip and his son Alexander

last week, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sophia also arranged a fun entertainment for himself and his sons. Together they went on a bike ride through the countryside. At some point they made a small break and stopped for a bite at a local café where the children were able to make friends with one of his regular “employees” — a fluffy white rabbit.

Princess Sofia

Prince Carl Philip

Recall, last autumn, the king of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf has deprived her grandchildren of the titles of Their Royal Highnesses and said that they no longer have the right to claim the Swedish throne. The children of Prince Carl Philip and his younger sister Madeleine will retain their titles of princes and princesses, Dukes and duchesses, formerly granted by the king, but would not be burdened with any Royal duties. The changes did not affect children, the eldest daughter of the king, crown Princess Victoria, — they will receive Royal titles and obligations.

the Sons of Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip