Antiviral restrictions in the regions are removed and introduced again.

Number of regions after the announcement on the easing modes of isolation are faced with outbreaks of disease and has decided to extend the restrictions. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin recently announced a possible easing of restrictions in 27 regions, but later reduced this number to 17. Experts note that the regional government is trapped — on the one hand, the removal of restrictions will help to recover the economy, could lead to new outbreaks.

on may 8, the CPS issued guidelines to the regions (.pdf) to phase out restrictions. In the first stage, allowed a walk and sport activities on the street, working food shops and close services with sales area of up to 400 sq. m. At the second stage, the regional authorities can access shopping facilities with rooms up to 800 sq. m and private educational organizations.

In the first two stages retains the requirement to the occupancy of the trading floor at the rate of one man for 4 sq. m. In the third stage can be resumed work of trading enterprises and sphere of services (no limit on the number of concurrent visitors and the area open the object), as well as hotels, all educational institutions, public catering enterprises (with the placement of bulkheads, or the distance of 1.5−2 m between the tables).

Also in the third stage can be opened parks and other places for the rest of population subject to social distance.

to Make decisions about relief needs governors on the recommendation of the health officers. For the return of the nationals of a subject of the Russian Federation to the usual life there are three criteria:

Vladimir Putin has cancelled a mode of working days from 12 may. Although the President stressed that decisions on the lifting of restrictions in each region will be taken step by step, many Russians took this as a signal for a mass exit in the yards and playgrounds, and the heads of the regions even before the announcement of the President began to weaken the regime.

may 18 Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the partial easing of restrictions ready 27 regions, but on may 20 he spoke only about 17 regions. The number of regions that have started to soften “antiviral” modes, in the end were forced to return or to extend the restrictions.

since may 15, authorities in Smolensk region have returned some of the restrictions, taken three days before. Then, in the region allowed to work in the retail, government agencies, municipal enterprises, and buildings, structures and facilities of transport infrastructure, particularly railway stations.

the Authorities of the Perm region from may 12, resumed work parikmaher��ing and non-food shops up to 50 sq. m, and the citizens were allowed a single and family trips and playing sports on the street. But in the week 11 to 17 may daily increase of patients was 5-7% and the rate jumped to 2.1. In the end, the government returned to a regime of strict isolation for residents over 65 and those with chronic disease. The cancellation period of the isolation mode was shifted from 25 may to 8 June.

Stavropol territory restrictive measures would be removed on may 18, with the simultaneous introduction of controlled regime, however, after calling the chief sanitary doctor of the region term removal of restrictions was extended until may 24, canceled a decision to open non-food stores.

In mid-may to weaken the regime was prepared and the government of the Sverdlovsk region. Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev may 15, said that the prevalence of infection was 0.71. The head of the region announced about the possibility to open shops, shopping centres and catering facilities in compliance with them in social distance. But the chief sanitary doctor of the region Dmitry Kozlovsky said that the easing measures. According to his calculations, the prevalence of infection in the region was above normal and amounted to 1.1. Also, the region does not have enough free beds (35,3% instead of 50% of the norm), claimed by Mr. Kozlowski.

Dmitry Kozlovsky urged not to wait for the opening of shopping centres and cafes in the near future.

Contradictory situation has developed in Ulyanovsk region. From may 16, the Governor was allowed to run beauty salons, dentists, IFC and several other organizations. Citizens were allowed to take walks in parks and single sport in the evenings. In the field was put a mask mode in shops and on public transport. Also, the Declaration of security guarantees (hard checks) for all trade organizations.

However, if the increase in the number of cases per day was 30-40 cases in the middle of may these numbers had grown to 80-106 cases. In the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor it was associated with “including increase in testing”, but still opposed further easing. Moreover, the number of beds for patients with coronavirus will be doubled.

the authorities of Krasnodar region, which previously announced plans to open resorts as of 1 June, extended quarantine until June 6, announced on 21 may, the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev in your the telegram channel. He said that the movement between municipalities continue is only possible with a pass, and the entrance to the region from other regions is limited (except for transit), continue to work Observatory.

maintains a ban on sports and children’s activities, parks, ��Naberezhnye, beaches and shopping malls remain closed. Residents over 65 and people with chronic diseases should follow a policy of self-isolation. At the same time, on may 23, was enabled construction companies, hairdressers and beauty salons, car dealerships and car washes, hardware stores and other retail outlets with a total area of 400 sq. m. Will be lifted restrictions on the movement within the municipalities.

In the Krasnoyarsk region Governor Alexander USS from the end of April has lifted restrictions in more and more areas. In mid-may discussed the resumption of the work of hairdressers, tailors and other services throughout the region, but plans changed after the outbreak of the coronavirus in the North-Yenisei area on the gold mining company “Polus Krasnoyarsk”, where it was revealed more than 270 infected. Beauty salons, beauty salons and hairdressers is scheduled to open may 25.

political Analyst Konstantin Kalachev stresses that the slowdown in lifting of the quarantine for the regions is fraught with serious economic consequences, and acceleration — increase in the incidence and increased burden on health care: “the Governors and health fell between two millstones. But gradually remove restrictions is necessary not only in support of the Federal trend, but just for the sake of control over the situation. Otherwise, people will increasingly violate the prohibitions, and the scope of services will be restored as an informal sector”.

In his opinion, the abolition of restrictions are allowed where well developed regional medicine. The Director of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov also considers that the most reasonable way “to remove restrictions in those municipalities where the situation is favorable, and not to hurry with the rest.”

According to chief physician of the medical center “Leader-Medicine” infectious diseases Evgeniya Timakova, new outbreaks after the partial lifting of restrictions blame the citizens who do not observe safety precautions: “I don’t understand people who actually refuse to support the economy of their own country. Is it so difficult to keep your distance and wear a mask?”.

co-Chairman of the Union of health workers “Action” Andrey Konovalov evaluates the epidemiological situation as complicated: “We are already receiving a significant amount of non-assistance (including in cases not related to the coronavirus.— “Kommersant”). For example, in the suburbs soon the call goes 5-8 hours, there was a case when she was driving for 23 hours or do not come, and the query is forwarded to the district doctor”.

Vladimir Heifetz, Kira Duryagina correspondent network “b”