Rapper, Restaurateur (Alexander Timartsev) commented on reports about the death of musician Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko). According to him, confirmed the news friends of the rapper.

Timartsev said that never heard about addiction jusko, however, know that there are problems with alcohol.

The musician said that Cartwright worked at a high level and proved to be in best parties in the music industry.

— As a rap artist, he was close. He was very cool. As for battles and rap he proved to be of high quality. Fantastic professionally worked with the text. About the drugs for me the big news. Had problems with alcohol, could go into long binges. A great loss for the rap, for me personally, — said Alexander Timartsev.

Earlier media reported that in St. Petersburg the wife of rapper Cartwright dismembered body of her husband, who supposedly died from a drug overdose. According to the girl, she did it, not to overshadow her husband’s memory, which could be suspected of drug addiction.

Andy Cartwright was born in the city of Nezhin in Ukraine. He is known as a member of the online show Versus Battle. In 2012 he recorded a solo album “the Magic of muddy waters.” The couple was married a few years, they have a two year old child.