In the first weekend of the network showing the film version of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” number of her hits on a new platform Disney+ has broken all records. About how musical theater phenomenon called “Hamilton” became a media and political, Boris tells Drums.Regular screenings of the musical “Hamilton” began off-Broadway Public theater on Lafayette street five years ago. The role of the title character of one of the “founding fathers” of the United States, the first Finance Minister of the country Alexander Hamilton — went to the scene of the author of music and libretto by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He subsequently played a major role in the first performances, “the Hamilton” at the theatre of Richard Rodgers. Moving on a solid Broadway area allowed to increase the attendance of the performances of four times, but the excitement has not diminished. All the performances were sold out, tickets were sold for six months or a year in advance, and the speculators, their price reached $11 thousand Unique offer Lin-Manuel Miranda was the musical language. Yes, this was not the first musical, in which the authors tried to integrate hip-hop enough to remember “starlight Express” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Critics argued that the manner readings of the cast of “Hamilton” is not peculiar to any rapper in the world is not “REP the street”, it is adapted for musical theatre. Nevertheless, the street culture was first so deeply integrated into the musical genre.For true fans of rap actors read too purely, clearly and academically, but it does not reduce the effect of the allusions to classic hip-hop. Dramatic friendship-rivalry of Hamilton and Vice President Aaron Burr rhyme with the relationship between Tupac Shakur and biggie Smolls. In “Office battles” (Battles of Cabinet) with the participation of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and other politicians can hear echoes of “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash. The transformation of the character of Gilbert Lafayette shown through the transformation of the style of rap from a mild rap of the 1980s to hurricane serving, two to three times the speed of core bit. The duel scene John Lawrence and Charles Lee in the libretto is called “Duel Ten Commandments”, reminiscent of the track Notorious B. I. G. “Ten Crack Commandments”.Hip-hop fans for several years sought and found in the musical echoes of the texts / IOBC Deepa, Eminem, DMX, and other rap stars. And another luminary, L. L. cool j, insisted that the text of one of the characters returned to a quote from his hit “I Need Love”, which there was removed for reasons of copyright protection. To be quoted in “Hamilton” became a kind of the subject of valor.Lin-Manuel Miranda scattered over the score of references to the different styles of black music, but do not forget that come to the play and fans of traditional Broadway m��of sicla and they also have to leave the room satisfied. And king George III he gives some spectacular arias in a typically British pop style.The creators of the show received a Grammy award, 11 Tony and the Pulitzer prize. Album with arias from “Hamilton” topped the charts and was sold six times platinum edition. For several years a campaign to “Hamilton” was a pipe dream of hundreds of thousands of people. But on 3 February 2020, it became known that Walt Disney Studios bought for $75 the right to rent the film version of the play, made on the basis of shooting 2016 at the theatre of Richard Rodgers. Premiere was to be held in October 2021, however, the epidemic COVID-19 has made adjustments to the plans of the distributors. On the weekend of independence Day did the show on the platform, Disney+, launched in the U.S. in November 2019 and is available in North America, Australia and parts of Europe and Asia (opening of Disney in Russia is not yet advertised). The company Apptopia, fixing the frequency of app downloads, announced that during the premiere of “Hamilton,” Disney+ downloads by 74% more than in June.This figure is not only evidence of interest in the new digital platform, but first and foremost the interest in the play about the founding fathers, in which all but the vile George III, played by colored actors. When Miranda ran the show, this move looked like a postmodern rhyme with the presidency of Barack Obama. Video production has become available in large quantities at the peak of the movement Black Lives Matter and suddenly rhyme with abstracts of the most radical ideologues about the need to “overhaul” in America. Musical innovator and reformer beloved by Americans the spectacle of Lin-Manuel Miranda not only revolutionized the media, earning only on the deal with Disney+ $30 million, but, as it turns out, gave activists BLM anthem duration: 2 hours 40 minutes. Andrew Lloyd Webber is not even dream.