In the Russian online rolling out the melodrama Peter Cattaneo “Almost famous” — based on a true story the story of an Amateur choir of wives of British servicemen. Says Julia Siegelman.Russian name of the work reason, refers to the film of Cameron Crowe’s “Almost famous” (2000), and like hints that will unfold before the audience the story of the young singers, punching their way to fame. Original — “Army wives” — devoid of any hint of Shine and poverty of show business and much more accurately reflects the contents of the tape. Her heroine, the wife of the British military sent to Afghanistan in 2011, not sing to become famous, they do not even think. And even, unlike the characters of the famous film by Peter Cattaneo of “the full Monty” (1997), severe Sheffield Steelworkers, who replaced the closed shop to the stage of a provincial club, not in order to earn and survive in the changed circumstances.The lives of these women before the start of the picture, while shown in her events and after them, filled one unchanged since ancient times: they are waiting. Waiting for husbands to the war, crossing out the days on the calendar waiting for the order of vacation or next business trip, waiting for another transfer to another base, waiting for the fateful phone call or a knock at the door with bad news. And singing in the choir becomes a way for them to pass the waiting for a couple of hours in the day to forget about it, and just to be around those who are without words understands and shares the concerns and fears, quietly coloring even the most mundane classes.Each of the straw widows to cope on his own. So, the wife Colonel Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas) embodies a true British virtue: equanimity and composure in the face of any circumstances. Kate takes the idea that wives need some activity partner to hold the head in the absence of husbands, and it must be developmental: it’s just a thing with the wine she doesn’t approve of. After going through several options — cinema club (but copyright movies so boring!), book club (not enthusiastic), the knitting circle (knitting no one knows), women stop on the choir, invited the new girl Sarah (Amy James Collie), whose brand-new husband first went to war.Kate, of course, eager to lead, but the leader should be Lisa (Sharon Horgan), wife of senior Sergeant. She is the complete opposite of the Colonel’s wife: a relaxed, down to earth and do not take your status too seriously. Of course, she worries for her husband and for struggling against the hands of a daughter (India RIA Amarteifio), which is so hard to cope alone, but its a way to cope — not preloaded upper lip, and a salty joke and a glass of wine. Of course, two women with labour stand each other, and each choir rehearsal turns into a confrontation: Lisa stands for freedom, improvisation and just have a good time, Kate believes that everything must be done according to the rules and not for pleasure, but for conscience.The creators of the film the second approach is clearly closer: it’s all as if painted with familiar music. Will be the first bad performance, after which the chorus girls will give up, but after an inspirational speech to Lisa, they decide to move on and responsible great concert, to which finally the dam burst, and the heroine will Express accumulated resentment, and reconciliation, and put the happy ending. However, for the more sentimental authors had little to sin against the truth: in fact, the first such choir was created by the famous TV presenter Gareth Malone, who took his players on a reality show; sentimental song, with which heroine are on the stage of the albert hall, composed by a professional composer Paul Milora. Thus, all this touching Sisterhood was initiated from outside and not due to mental impulse. Perhaps that is why, despite the excellent work by leading Actresses and uplifting story, in the common ringtones of the movie quietly, but quite clearly you hear a false note.