Radiologists from Israel and the United States jointly conducted a computer scan of two small ancient Egyptian mummies, which is about 50 years old are preserved in the National Maritime Museum Haifa. The CT scan showed that it was not mummified human bodies, as was believed until now, and dedicated to the gods Horus and the Osiris ritual artifacts.

according to Live Science, about these little mummies almost nothing is known. Scientists know only that they were found in the sarcophagi. Even their age is roughly – it is believed that the mummy at least 2000 years.

Until now, scientists assumed that these “parcels” are stored in the human heart. This practice was common in Ancient Egypt, so many years the mummy was kept in the funds without a detailed study.

Now the Egyptologists privily to help radiologists led by Marcia of Javitt, a Professor at the University named for George Washington. The scan showed that one of the mummies is a “bundle”, tightly Packed grain and earth. The other holds the remains of a bird, perhaps a Falcon that does not have a left leg and a few organs. Moreover, scientists do not know why.

“Grain” mummy is anthropomorphic, that is, it is made in the form of a man. Its length is about 45 centimeters. Scientists believe that it was dedicated to the cult of Osiris is not only the king of the underworld but also God of life and rebirth.

“the Ancient Egyptians made mummies for such feasts, arranged in honor of Osiris,’ said Ron Hillel, head of collections of the museums of Haifa. – It was a mixture of clay or sand with grains, which is then dipped in water and left to sprouted grain”.

in short, it was not a real mummy, a ritual artifact. He symbolized the connection of Osiris with the life, death and fertility of the soil. The second investigated the mummy probably was closely associated with mythology. Its length is 25 centimeters. It was made in the shape of a bird.

Egyptologists believe that this artifact was associated with the cult of the God Horus, son of Osiris and ISIS. He was usually depicted with a Falcon’s head. Horus was Lord of the sky. It was believed that the pharaohs are his embodiment on Earth.

To explore this mummy radiologists used the combined method computed tomography, varying the power of x-ray radiation. This allowed us to determine that the neck of the bird, the form of which is not identified, was broken, but it was done after her death.

the Scan also showed that the bird had removed some bodies but not all. For example, the heart remained. Further research was needed to determine which organs are missing. In addition, the Museum plans to conduct radiocarbon Dating. This will help first accurately define��pouring the ages of these artifacts.