But “aquarium” – the stable team: musicians gather together in his Studio, working collectively on the arrangements, adjusted to record creative ideas and plans of the chief. They have a full understanding and ability to complement each other. All the songs of “Aquarium” sound completely and Ottocento.

Such perfectionism is not easy, so the record albums usually lasts for several months. But now the “Aquarium” in the work of several new discs. And it seems no one knows exactly which one will be completed before the others, even the leader… Maybe just the “Aquarium in Dub”, in which took part the iconic 84-year-old reggae musician from Jamaica Lee “Scratch” Perry.

In solo works, the BG is quite different: writing songs, downloads to your computer their Studio versions, which differ in arrangement, composition, ensemble, mood. And incidentally looking for the best sound, the Studio musicians he would like to play… It’s like this is absolutely errant the option of BG, that’s why this album was created seven years.

the Track list of “Sign of fire” is a bit surprising. It is already well-known single, “Rasta Basta”, now rewritten from rattling, with industrial tones and heavy, with spiky rhythms and rhymes tread. Partly reperki. There’s a song “My name is dust” that BG was written in Cuba where he went because he wanted to play with local musicians. Another reggae, which we also heard before – “emerald song”, positive, driving. But not in this version because now the BG found for track star rhythm section from Jamaica: Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare from the group Sly & Robbie. The musicians flew to London, where he joined the leader of the “Aquarium”. Maybe out of friendship, but rather out of curiosity: they want to know how to play them in the root music in Russia. The masters liked. I am sure that he himself BG out of curiosity would fly, for example, on Zanzibar, if some choir leaders wanted to record it “Old Kozlodoev”.

Curiosity and restlessness – probably not quirks and qualities required of musicians who are constantly looking to develop moving forward. By the way, the song called “Move on” classic “Aquarium”, from the 1984 album “Day of Silver”. Well, that BG never forgets.

And when writing to disc “Sign of fire,” the leader of the “Aquarium” and brought to Israel. He played in Jerusalem two concerts with Mexican guitarist Omar Torres, before speaking with Tom waits, and then was invited to play along with the song “destiny”. And Omar agreed.

In the end new album was recorded in five different countries: Russia, England, Israel, USA and Cuba. And it turned out so diverse in styles: from reggae, dub, rock, Latin music, fragmentarily United rap and industrial. There are “Russian chanson”, or more precisely – following bardowski traditions, sung with acoustic guitar “Masala Dosa”, which has the paradoxical juggling rhymes and immersion in the idea of absurdist poetry.