the Head of state reminded that in the result of nationwide voting almost 78% of Russians were in favor of the amendment. “In accordance with this decision, I signed a decree on the promulgation of the Constitution, as amended. The amendments come into force. Take no exaggeration in the will of the people”, – said Vladimir Putin.

According to the text of the decree, the amendments shall enter into force on July 4, 2020.

Earlier on Friday, Russia’s Central election Commission approved by its decision the final results of a nationwide vote on the issue of approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. In the report of the CEC submitted the following figures: appearance – 67,97%, the amendment was voted 77,92% of the votes, against – of 21.27%.

the Text of the Constitution with changes approved in a nationwide vote on 1 July 2020, to be published in number “Russian newspaper” for July 4.