Now under construction is about 99.5 million square meters of housing, of which 35% are using project Finance and escrow accounts. Expressed before the beginning of the reform of the fears that no one will go to project financing, and the house a few years are being completed under the old rules – is not justified, said Stasyshyn. Remain precisely the issues that are now resolved, the Minister added. So, together with the Central Bank, the Ministry of construction is working on the question of how to involve the regions where the profitability of the projects does not exceed 15% (banks financing of such residential complexes is not interesting). “We are finishing the development of a special program, which will focus on the promotion of such projects of low profitability,” – said the Deputy head of the Ministry of construction. In addition, amendments are now being discussed that will open the escrow account immediately after object input in operation. It is not an alternative to phased disclosure of escrow accounts, which “today is not discussed”, said Stasyshyn, but this is a major measure on the way the adjustments work on project financing.

the Deputy Minister Also noted that a decreased volume of output in construction of new facilities, but with the introduction of project Finance is not directly connected. In the opinion of the Ministry of construction, to break this trend you must have in the regions of prepared land plots for housing construction, providing them with transport and main engineering infrastructure. “The task of the Ministry is to make a faster pace was the provision of engineering infrastructure to land plots. Because without this, the targets set by the President on housing construction in 2024 it will be difficult to accomplish.”

Today, the best conditions to buy housing in the mortgage, said Stasyshyn, speaking about the program of mortgage with state support under 6.5%. “To speak today about some extension of the program, I believe, is simply inappropriate,” he said.