the Number of cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the world for a day has increased by 196 901 (maximum growth during the pandemic), making 10 810 307. Died 083 519, recovered 6 032 985 patients. First place both in the total number of cases and growth continue to occupy the US and Brazil.

In Russia coronavirus recorded 654 405 times, died on 9 536 patients, the number of cases of recovery amounted to 9 536. The increase yesterday was 6 556 — according to this indicator, Russia was in fifth place after the USA, Brazil, India and South Africa, remaining in third in the number of cases during the pandemic. The country spent more than 20 million tests COVID-19.

On the pages in social networks oberstab Moscow region published data on city districts of the Moscow region yesterday.

Current information on all Russian regions and other countries presented at the interactive map Yandex.

In USA the number of cases of coronavirus has increased by 51 097, amounting to 2 779 953. COVID-19 was first reported in the country more than 50 thousand times per day. During the pandemic died 130 798 patients recovered 1 164 680.

In Brazil the increase was 44 884, the total number of cases 1 453 369. In India recorded 19 428 cases per day and 605 220 during the pandemic. In South Africa recorded record growth for the country (8 124), during the pandemic the number of cases was 159 333.

Director General of the world health organization Tedros Ghebreyesus said that today in the world 141 developed a vaccine for the coronavirus.

there are over 1 450 people who have recovered from coronavirus, become plasma donors with antibodies, 161 of them re-passed plasma in the capital.