the Russians cautioned against loans from the “black creditors”, as a result the person may lose money and even lose their property. How not to fall for tricks fraudsters, RIA Novosti said the expert of the financial literacy project of the Russian Finance Ministry Elman Mehdiyev.

According to Mehdiyev, offices of “black creditors” are located close to the offices of legitimate companies. Loan in such “office” at first glance it seems harmless and attractive: it is not necessary to confirm your income, and give money instantly. However, citizens issuing such a loan is very high.

Usually the “black lenders” immediately can offer to take a pledge passport or other documents of the borrower and the guarantor. Very often the borrower provides a property or vehicle with an open date.

“there were cases when a natural person is issued a credit card, which also remains a “Deposit” and which illegal immigrants get money from the banks,” – said Mehdiyev.

the Specialist said that the legal organization must enter in the state register of the Central Bank, such a list can be found on the website of the Bank of Russia.

At the meeting with the “black creditors,” Mehdiyev advised to refer not only to law enforcement agencies, but the Central Bank is likely to accelerate the verification process in respect of such credit institutions.