the Number of cases of coronavirus COVID-19 was 13 242 608, an increase of 195 878 per day. The greatest increase is observed in the United States, followed by India, followed by Brazil, South Africa and Russia.

In Russia, during the pandemic the number of cases of coronavirus amounted to 733 699.

Data for all regions of Russia and other countries of the world are on the interactive map Yandex.

In the US were 65 488 cases of the pandemic during the day and 3 479 483 during the pandemic in India — 28 179 907-and 645, respectively, in Brazil 21 783 and 1 887 959, South Africa — 11 554 and 287 796.

the head of the world health organization Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus outlined four main scenarios of the spread of coronavirus in various countries around the world.

Rospotrebnadzor issued a decree about cancellation since July 15, the mandatory 14-day isolation for arriving Russian citizens.

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during the visit to the source of the “Blue spring” advised to treat coronavirus honey, but experts urged to treat this recommendation as a joke.

the Governor of California, the largest state in the United States, Gavin Newsom has issued a Directive on the re-introduction of weight restrictions on the work of public institutions.