American sexologist Emily Morse described the four reasons for simulating an orgasm women writes Daily Star.

From the point of view of experts, most women at least once in their life faked an orgasm. The specialist explained that psychological problems. The first reason is the woman’s desire to bring joy to the partner, to show him what sex he is “the best.”

the Second factor the girl never experienced orgasm, and therefore not waiting for it, said Morse. The third reason, in the opinion of the sexologist, is associated with premature stop intercourse when the man had no strength, and the woman has not yet reached its climax.

the Last reason is a sham of a sense of necessity, when despite all the attempts of men to bring his partner pleasure, a woman never reaches orgasm. That is why she has to imitate, to eliminate the awkwardness in bed.

however, Morse pointed out that pretending women are misleading not only their partners but themselves as well. She urged men and women to share feelings, as is of great importance to listen and hear each other to achieve the desired effect.