During the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 was recorded 13 042 340 times, including 194 677 per day. The increase in the first place remains the United States of America, and in second place was India, “ahead of” Brazil. Fourth in the number of new cases was South Africa’s fifth — Russia.

In Russia, the coronavirus were recorded 727 162 times, conducted more than 23 million tests.

Current information on all countries of the world represented on the interactive map Yandex.

In the United States during the day, there were 58 349 cases (3 413 995 during the pandemic), in India – 29 108 (879 466) Brazil – 25 364 (1 866 176), South Africa – 12 058 (276 242).

South African President Cyril of Ramaphosa again imposed a curfew in the country, and ordered to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages. According to the head of the state, the decision to ban alcohol due to the desire to maintain the throughput of hospitals, so the places were not occupied persons with injuries due to alcohol consumption.

Hungary became the first EU country to open the border for the Russians. Entering Hungary from the Russian Federation will need to provide proof that the coronavirus have not been recorded.

on July 13 in Moscow, repealed restrictions on the internal operation of educational institutions, resume sports clubs, leisure centres, music and art schools, as well as in the normal mode of operation includes secondary schools and colleges. The city will earn the attractions and parks of culture and rest. The next stage of the lifting of restrictions is scheduled for August 1. In the capital will begin to operate theatres and cinemas.