against the background of the pandemic coronavirus have significantly increased the amount of advertising from the crooks, which focused on people’s desire to get rich without giving any specifics. This was stated by the head of the Department for combating unfair practices of the Bank of Russia Valery Lyakh.

In the previous schemes in advertising in almost all cases stipulated any services or products, which supposedly you can make good money, said the Pole in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Now the scammers are just playing on the human desire to get rich, so you can leave the “behind the scenes”. A huge role was played by the fact that for many people during the time of isolation, the Internet has become the main source of information, including advertising, said the expert.

for Example, attackers have begun to use financial unaddressed advertising. It is intended for a wide audience and contains simple calls like “earn with us”. While specific information about the form of earnings or investments, it is not specified.

the Telegraph noted that during the epidemic of coronavirus infection, the volume of such fraudulent advertising has grown so much that exceeded the number of traditional advertising of financial products, including services of illegal market participants.