The name Miroslava Karpovich at the public hearing.

Not that she was previously completely unknown to date – Karpovich quite popular actress, in addition to working in theaters starred in the sitcom “Daddy’s girls” in the video Yegor creed “the Starlet” – says "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

But now interested in her because of the affair with Paul Priluchny.

Miroslav hails from Berdyansk, her parents no relation to the theatre and cinema have not, however, in the school-Studio of the Moscow art Theater, she enrolled at the first attempt.

In high school I worked for productions, and after graduating from College with honors, starred in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”.

The series brought the actress some fame and earnings.

The young star was actively making a statement, posed for a gloss, has fought for advertising contracts, voiced cartoons.

Karpovich bought an apartment and is obsessed with the work in the theater.

Now Miroslav is busy in many plays, toured with the troupe of the Moscow theatre of Comedy in Russia and abroad, one an actress, as journalists learned, is from 150 to 300 thousand rubles.

Also in the fall she will be playing with Paul Priluchny in the teatrium na serpukhovke.

Karpovich 34 years, she attributed many novels, but none of them ended with family creation.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the users of social networks found that to Paul Priluchnogo Miroslava Karpovich three years met with a man named Igor.

At the same time, rumored affair with actress Priluchny spun, being in a relationship. But then dumped her boyfriend for the star of “Posh”.