The current wife of Michael Efremova – Sophia Kruglikova – gave birth to the actor of three children.

And met Michael and Sophia, 17 years ago, when Efremov left the previous wife Ksenia Kachalina.

Then the daughters of Ephraim and Catalinas was only two years old, and Kruglikova tried to persuade the actor to return to the family. But he categorically did not want.

“Mike wanted: he was greatly offended at Kachalino that cheated on him. He such does not forgive”, – quotes RIA FAN in the words of one of the friends of Ephraim.

Michael and Sophia had an affair. Surprisingly, the family became completely different people – Kruglikova religious, have never smoked and do not drink, children accustomed to healthy lifestyle.

Ephraim, she was also trying to heal from addictions, but he’s always frustrated, and each time the situation worsened.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the artist already more than a month under house arrest after a deadly accident with its participation.

From communication with the green serpent, the artist refused. Addiction he replaced a new passion — reading books.

He reads them in a special room, which jokingly calls “the den” and “nest of vipers”.