Russian singer Prokhor Chaliapin responded to the dispute Joseph Prigogine and Sergei Shnurov. About his vision of the situation he wrote in his Instagram.

Commenting on the approval Prigogine about the plight of artists during the epidemic, he practically repeated the words of the producer that we had not pop stars, and those who work in the state and national theaters, in restaurants, acts in circuses, in choirs, dance ensembles “and does much more for the development of arts and preservation of culture in Russia”.

at the same time Chaliapin agreed with Shnurov, saying that the first galaxy of stars is nothing more than a “get-together on TV, serving a certain class and spitting at a broad audience from the height of his greatness.” “Patriotism … is not in inspirational words about love of country and his audience, and in respect and compassion to those people to whom the artists perform. You have to be humble, Lord “superstars”!”, he said.

the conflict between the global peace index and Prigogine began after the producer told about the plight of artists during a pandemic coronavirus. After that Cords have devoted obscene poem Prigogine.

Prigogine promised that his meeting with Shnurov “will end, not exactly a handshake,” and also demanded the artist’s apology to his wife, singer Valeria. Cords later summed up the dispute with producer Joseph Prigozhin words that most Russian artists is not aimed at the listener, and people who allocate budgetary money. “Explain the concept: if you “star”, and your “producer” with relationships, the basic checkout you do not concerts for the tickets, and all sorts of “town days”. For their money on these “show” no go,” — said the musician.